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Fri 03/10, 22.30

Hard to pin down and ever-evolving, SpatzHabibi are an Anglo-German DJ team from Berlin with a penchant for far-flung sounds and plenty of breaks. Don’t be surprised to hear Egyptian hits mixed with modern Romanian psych, before a bombastic Bollywood beat collides with the stick-hit of a talking drum . This is a journey around the globe, on a runaway rickshaw, ending in an unheard place, both exotic and emotional.

Fri 10/10, 22.30
No Fear of Pop

Together with an international team of authors, Henning Lahmann has been reporting on the future of pop music in his “No Fear of Pop” blog since 2010 – which in the broadest sense is far removed from categories such as underground or mainstream. Excerpts of this expertise can be heard in his DJ sets. From danceable to relaxed, between now and the day after tomorrow.

Fri 18/10, 22.30
Rafael Aragon

The producer, composer and DJ Rafael Aragon with roots in Spain, Algeria and Uruguay grew up in a Paris suburb. Just as widely ramified and international as his family tree are his eclectic DJ sets, which feature rarely heard material from genres including Digital Cumbia, Global Bass, Moombahton, Sambatronic, Tropical Masala and Kuduro.

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Fri 03/10, 22.30
Fri 10/10, 22.30
Fri 17/10, 22.30

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