Andrey Kiritchenko & Martin Brandlmayr

Meisterhafte Klangziseleure


  • 54%music
  • 34%electronic
  • 12%Ukraine
[Masterly Carvers of Sound]

They are both masters of carving out delicate sound structures. Following their first cooperation for Andrey Kiritchenko’s album “Misterrious” and an initial concert in France in summer 2012, the two musicians are now set to take to the stage together once again. The performance was preceded by an intensive phase of work in Martin Brandlmayr’s studio in Upper Austria that also laid the foundations for a joint publication that had been in planning for some time.
Andrey Kiritchenko is not only a musician, but also the founder and director of Nexsound, the most important label for experimental electronic and related Ukrainian music for many years. In this position, he is always ready to listen to artists from all over the world, for example from Russia, France or the USA. Last year, musikprotokoll travelled to Kiev at Kiritchenko’s invitation to hold the 3rd ECAS Partner Meeting at his festival – and now expresses its thanks by extending this return invitation.

Commissioned by musikprotokoll
In the framework of ECAS – Networking Tomorrow’s Art For An Unknown Future

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10/10, 23.00


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With Martin Brandlmayr (AT) & Andrey Kiritchenko (UA)