Sounding Servers


  • 30%media art
  • 40%noise
  • 30%sound
Unfazed by the outside world, servers drone away in farms all over the world where they manage and store our data. However, a server can also be transformed into an acoustic space and this electronic entity can be made audible. Starting out from the physical components of the machine, the electromagnetic fields can be converted into acoustic waves and the sounds of the machine translated into peculiar arrangements of sound – with the software creating very unusual dimensions of time and space during its runtime.

In cooperation with steirischer herbst, esc medien kunst labor & musikprotokoll
In the framework of the exhibition “Hacking the Present”

Dates and Facts


Thu 09/10, 18.30

esc medien kunst labor

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Admission free


esc medien kunst labor
Hacking the Present



With Valentina Vuksic (CH) et al.