Die Transmissionare

Nein, ich will! Eine Hochzeit für alle

  • 35%theatre
  • 20%ritual
  • 40%guests
  • 5%get cold feet
[No, I do! A wedding for everyone]

The wedding banquet is set and the guests wait in happy anticipation to attend an act of exclusion – two people swear no longer to share themselves with others in future. The alliance at the centre of a wedding lets the guests know: celebrate the fact that you are not one of us! Celebrate the romance of exclusion with us! Let us join together to strengthen the fragile bounds of monogamy!
A scenario consisting of a banquet table, chancel and wedding bed becomes a stage for speech, rituals, music and dance. The props, however, are misused, the waltz is undanceable and the polonaise goes nowhere. The classical dramaturgy of a wedding is rewritten as an orgy of transgression.
The dramatist Natascha Gangl examined the paradox of property in her play “Die große zoologische Pandemie”, subsequently developing “Ein Hochzeitsstück oder Ich gehöre zu den Menschen”. Gangl is now pursuing this line further together with the collective Die Transmissionare. For some time now, they have been attempting to find a new combination of writing and production. In “Nein, ich will! Eine Hochzeit für alle” we see this approach put into action in a consistently evolved form.
In a game that ranges between ritual, theatricals and improvisation, visitors are involved in the celebration, now as guests, then as family members or a love interest. Walls rise and fall, brides are kidnapped, speeches held, wedding videos shot, bride’s bouquets and rice fly through the air. A wedding bed awaits in the garden of the Heimatsaal, where finally an evening of euphoria and crash landing, shame and grandeur will come to an end.
Co-produced by steirischer herbst &
  Die Transmissionare: Nein, ich will! Eine Hochzeit für alle   

Dates and Facts


Wed 01/10, Thu 02/10 &
Fri 03/10, 19.30

Heimatsaal im Volkskundemuseum

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18 / 12 €
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Talk following the performance on Thu 02/10

German language




Text Natascha Gangl
Direction Kathrin Mayr
Set design Christian Schlechter
Light Severin Mahrer
Music Sergio Vásquez Carrillo
Costumes Judith Förster
With Richard Barenberg, Irene Benedict & Mathis Kleinschnittger
Vocals Friederike Harmsen
Assistant director Marie Schepansky
Wedding Band Boalous (Clementine Fuchs v, Kurt Leodolter vc + acc, Ludwig
Zeier b)