Art gives insight

The idea that you have to “understand” art to be seen as being interested in art is a widespread prejudice. When it comes to the perception of art, the focus should not be on “understanding” artistic positions but rather on the benefit to be gained from new ways of seeing things and perhaps also insights. These can differ greatly depending on a person’s gift of appreciation – and are as widely diverse as viewers themselves.

This subjective approach to art is not only “allowed”, but indeed a prerequisite for a critical handling of the vast amount of information to which we are exposed today. An approach that plays an important role above all at steirischer herbst, that always places art in a sociopolitical context. The steirischer herbst art education programme is thus intended to be an invitation to engage in independent thought and critical action. As an encouragement to share one’s personal experiences with others.

After all, the leitmotif of this year’s steirischer herbst revolves around the question of sharing, a question that in this case can be answered with an unqualified “yes” to the enjoyment of building bridges between contemporary art and the audience. The aim is to make it easier for people to engage with the steirischer herbst programme and for them to share in what is currently going on in the various fields of art.

An additional challenge this year is to communicate the programme that steirischer herbst is increasingly staging outside of Graz. This opens up unknown terrain and a challenge for the art educators, one which they look forward to tackling – the encounter with a new festival audience in Styria.

We will be pleased to send you our art education brochure, that provides an overview of the art education programme, free of charge.

Contact and information:
Hannah Ertl
p +43 664 24 500 90

"Provokation" and "Experiment" - two short films
For more than forty years, steirischer herbst has been inviting people to explore contemporary art, challenging the public by asking awkward questions or leaving behind familiar patterns of perception. A journey from the beginnings of the festival to the present day in a few minutes:
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