Festival 2014

steirischer herbst 2014 will take place from 26/09 until 19/10/2014.
Festival: always means missing things too. herbst remixed is a collection of images in progress, a mash-up, a collage, a review of steirischer herbst festival 2013.

Festival centre

From 20/09 to 13/10/2013 the former customs house at Bahnhofgürtel and the youth cultural centre Explosiv become the Ex-Zollamt.


We like to thank our supporters, sponsors and partners without whose generous support the festival could not take place in this form. Congratulations to legero / Contempus and Gaulhofer Fenster und Türen, who were arwarded with the MAECENAS 2013.

20/09/2013: Kris Verdonck: H, an incident
26/09/2013: united sorry & friends: the forest project
27/09/2013: Massimo Furlan: Gym Club
03/10/2013: TIB & Gaststubentheater Gößnitz: Operation Wolfshaut
06/10/2013: Boris Nikitin: Sei nicht Du selbst
09/10/2013: Ann Liv Young: Sleeping Beauty

Randnotizen (Marginal Notes) 2013

with Stewart Home, Boris Nikitin, Cordula Simon & Robert Steijn

18/10/2017 Marie Gamillscheg – 0 jako by Marie Gamillscheg
General sponsor: Legero / con-tempus.eu
Festival main sponsor: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Thanks to our supporters and partners!


steirischer herbst 2013 with its leitmotif of Liaisons dangereuses: Alliances, misalliances and false friends ended on October 13. 303 events on 24 days of the festival, more than 49.000 visitors, more than 700 artists, theorists and other participants from a total of 47 nations, 94,18 % of tickets sold for stage productions and concerts – this is the festival's résumé in numbers.